Server Relocation and Installation

/Server Relocation and Installation

Whether your company is looking to move a single server or an entire data centre, you can trust Relocom to provide you with the professional assistance you require. With over 7 years’ experience in the industry, we’ll provide you with a dependable and flexible service that is completely personalized to your requirements.

Putting You First.Server relocation is a crucial and intricate aspect of business and must be handled with extreme professionalism. Improper handling of servers transport can result in unrepairable damage that can affects your equipment and your entire business. At Relocom, your business is of a highest significance and the prompt and saferelocation of your servers is our principalgoal. Our service to your company covers the technical, logistical, and business aspects of server relocation. We ensure that your server move is carried out with minimum interruption – wherever you are.

At Relocom, you can rely on a server relocation and data centre migration services that deliver:

On-site Tech Support

Project management

Server de-rack and re-rack

Superior equipment cabling and cable management

Structured engineering services

Secure packing of IT equipment in custom built, sealed cases

Full Goods In Transit insurance against loss and damage upon request


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